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358. Generation Wealth: Breaking the Cycle of Lack

We work to learn and follow the rules of online entrepreneurship because we believe it’s the safest, surest path to success. 

However, the business rules that may have worked for other entrepreneurs, can become limitations on your own growth, your money, your potentiality.

Money is the byproduct of our alignment, not our hustle. You are allowed to play BIG, and do it all your own way. 

The greatest innovators, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs of our time stepped up to own their greatness when they followed their own uncharted path.

Rewriting your own money story doesn't just affect you.

It has a ripple effect…For your family.For the people you love. For your clients.

We are the generation that will break the cycle of lack and fear.

We ARE Generation: Wealth


In this episode, Betsy and Laura share:

  • Betsy’s love of movies and stories.
  • Solopreneurship…the ultimate problem-solving scenario.
  • Acknowledging your genius and your gifts.
  • Breaking the rules to make the impossible, possible.
  • Exploring the limitless of your potentiality.
  • Collective creativity and solving problems for us all.
  • Breaking the rules to see greater success.
  • Women elevating together and owning their wins and wealth.
  • Writing a new story for your wealth. 


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