328. Habit Loops and HD: Everything you need to know

Humans are invariably creatures of habit.  In fact, habits dictate nearly everything action we take in our daily lives.


So it stands to reason that a significant key to our success is to make our habits ones that move us towards healthier, happier actions in our lives and business. It’s not always so simple to identify the cues and rewards that bind us to a habit.


Once you understand WHY you are doing something, and how to use your human design as a powerful tool to create a new habit for yourself.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Identifying habit loops.
  • The old habit loops in our business.
  • 3 Core elements that create a habit.
  • The one thing you should NEVER do with your human design.
  • Identifying the external events that trigger your habits.
  • Redefining the rewards your brain really wants.
  • The habit that’s stopping you from growing on social media.
  • Steps to short-circuit the habit loop.
  • Ask yourself these questions to identify your habit triggers.


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