330. How To Actually Surrender Your Desires To The Universe

Spiritual surrender is when we give up our attachment to specific beliefs or desired outcomes. You let go of preconceived ideas or notions of how something should look or feel.

Okay sounds good but HOW do we do that?

What does it actually look like?

Saying you are surrendering and actually surrendering are two very different things. Declaring that you are surrendering doesn't make it so… it requires work.

Most literature says here that you put your trust in Source, the Divine, or the Universe… but what you are really being asked to do is trust your highest authority and your human design.


In this episode you will hear:

  • What is spiritual surrender actually means.
  • Mistakes being made with surrendering
  • Bargaining with the Universe and trying to force a specific outcome.
  • Art of Surrender and using your Human Design to support you.
  • An example of control: The lunar cycle vs. your menstrual cycle.
  • How Laura embodied surrendered and released an old trauma using the Full Moon.
  • Surrender is not a business strategy.
  • The Black Hole that sucks up your time and energy.
  • How Projectors can step into only working 4 hours / day.
  • How Betsy’s surrender to embodying her own human design.
  • The IN BETWEEN: Turning Negative into Positive.
  • Following your authority and strategy are the easiest and fastest ways to attract what you desire.


P.S. Integrate your unique Human Design into your work or business with a private Star Strategy Session. 

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