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366. Play, Potency, and Planning: How to Create More Freedom in Your Business

Can you make hard decisions and trust your own leadership to create success? 

Can you listen and surrender to your inner guidance to lead you to your best life? 


Working less and creating more - success, money, freedom - is highly desirable and easier than you think but will require courage to embrace your inner conditioning. 

If you’re looking at your schedule and feeling resistant to change…exploring what you truly desire will allow you to become the architect of your own life. 

In this episode, Betsy and Laura explore the process of deconditioning through the embodiment of their individual human designs to achieve a new level of freedom and potency in the power to receive success.

  • Laura’s slow mornings: Holding space to fully receive what you desire.
  • Celebrating intangible versus tangible successes.
  • Play, Potency, and Planning.
  • Deconditioning in your business: What it takes to work less.
  • Remote working, productivity, and the changing work landscape.
  • Testing our own boundaries for work-life balance.
  • The light side and the dark side of working less.
  • The potency of feminine energy and leadership.
  • The power and courage to create your own freedom.
  • Conditioning of the defined sacral.
  • Powerful journaling prompts to support you to discover your freedom.  
  • What it means to “play” in your business, plus the Projector 4-hour workday. 



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