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How to Make $100k: The 4 Stages of Business Building

podcast Apr 09, 2019

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious in trying to do all the things in your business and your life? It might be because you are trying to jump too far ahead in the business building process.

Today we’re laying out the four stages of building a business, which you have to progress through over time. After this episode, you’ll be able to clearly identify where you are now and where you can grow into, without trying to do it all at once.





    • How we found clarity in our business building journey [ 3:44 ]
    • The worst thing that you can do to your yourself [ 5:41 ]
    • What the first stage of business building is [ 6:45 ]
    • How Stage 1 looked for us on the podcast [ 8:10 ]
    • What Stage 2 of business building looks and feels like [ 10:20 ]
    • How to even out the feast and famine in your business [ 11:35 ]
    • How we nurtured our business growth through personalized coaching [ 14:10 ]
    • How to know that you are in Stage 3 [ 17:50 ]
    • When you can safely quit your day job [ 19:15 ]
    • How to identify when you’ve made it to Stage 4 [ 21:25 ]
    • Why it is absolutely essential that you don’t skip any stages [ 23:53 ]
    • The one thing we want you to stop doing when building your business [ 27:10 ]


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