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26: Igniting Your Creative Passion with Catherine Rains

Are you willing to surrender to the things that keep showing up in your life in order to find your PASSION?

In today’s episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Catherine Rains, a successful collage artist, to talk about the power of creativity and how to design a life around your passions that can truly thrive. 

Catherine’s story is unique and inspiring.  As she so eloquently puts it “my true calling found me when I stopped looking for it and starting noticing what gave me joy”.  Once she realized her calling was to make art, Catherine dedicated herself to mastering her craft and finding unique ways to incorporate her passion into her everyday life and travels.  Today she is here to share the story of how she became known as The Hotel Artist.  Her mission is to inspire people to look inside themselves and to find who they really are, and Catherine truly leads by example. 

"I don't want my day gig to be an excuse for not doing what I love" -Catherine Rains


How she balances a full-time “day gig” with her full-time artistic endeavors while growing a thriving Instagram community "on the side".  We explore how a simple shift in her own perspective lead to amazing opportunities both personally and professionally. The difference between "doing a job" and "having a calling". How her love for Instagram has turned her into a true influencer and helped her spread her message to a world-wide audience. What Catherine's morning routine looks like and the tools she uses to stay on track. And finally, Catherine gives us a behind the scenes look into how traveling for work has pushed her to think outside the box and proven that no matter what the challenge there is always an answer, not an excuse, if you are willing to get a little creative. 

*More from Catherine: 

For the past 20 years, I have been following my dream of creating sacred art for the purpose of inspiring myself and others to awaken to who we were meant to be, to who we’ve always been.  On January 5th, 2015, I committed to working on my art every day. Despite intensive travel for my day gig (sometimes 3 or 4 weeks every month), I’ve reorganized my life to focus on what is most important. Some days I take huge leaps, and other days I take tiny steps, but I am now living my dream EVERY day.

I hope you will take this journey with me. Perhaps along the way, you will be inspired to follow that quiet (or shouting) voice inside of you — the one that is calling you to take the next positive step in your soul’s journey.

You can connect with Catherine on Instagram @catrains.artist or online at  


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