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It's Time to Break the "Hustle" Cycle of Fear and Lack

blog Oct 31, 2019

Can you believe it is already NOVEMBER?!?!  Even as I type this my jaw is on the floor!  It feels like that last year has gone by in the blink of an eye!  Couple that with Instagram reminding me that we are just 8 short weeks away front the end of another decade and it's hard not to pause for a moment of reflection.


10 years ago TODAY I was sitting in a factory in Wenzhou, China.

On paper, I was living my "dream life".  I had always wanted to work in fashion, to build million-dollar accounts, and eventually run the business. I had crossed the first two things off my list and had a really solid 5-year plan to make the last one happen.  

Yet my reality was far from the glamorous life I was expecting. I was traveling alone, sick with a cold, and basically working 24-hours a day.  It was freezing cold, damp, and I spent the day with my head buried in swatch books or my blackberry.  I was exhausted.


What I didn't realize at the time was that I had bought into the story that my success was determined by my hustle.

I believed that if I showed up and worked harder than everyone else around me, I would be rewarded.  My hard work and determination would guarantee me a title and paycheck to match. Results = money = success.


In the end, I put my goal of bringing home a 6-figure paycheck ahead of everything else in my life. 

I chose to ignore that time was that my health was already starting to go.  Yes, I was going to yoga every day but I was also starting my day with a Starbucks Black Eye and a bagel. I also wasn't prioritizing my relationships or doing things that brought me joy.  I slept with my blackberry and every spare moment I had was plotting my next career move.


I believed that WHEN I achieved my goals THEN I would be able to do all the fun things I wanted to do in my life.

10 years later, I can say I was WRONG.  So wrong. Unequivocally wrong!


Your dream life does not live in a vacuum.

It is not conditional. It is not waiting for you to "be ready" or to hit some invisible goal before you can move to the next level. It does not require a specific minimum balance in your bank account.


Everything you are wishing for - money, success, time-freedom, and joy - already exists for you.


It's time to break the "hustle" cycle of fear and lack.

Fear tells us that we aren't ready in order to keep us safe.  Lack asks us to play small so we don't get our hopes up.  Choosing to hustle hard simply fuels those stories - it doesn't break them.  


The reality is you are already abundant. 

It is your birthright to have everything you desire - without constant struggle or hardship.  

It's time to release the blocks that are standing in your way.  

Building a business can be fun, playful, luscious, and fulfilling every single day. I wish I had understood that 10-years ago. I don't think the path would have been so rocky and I know there would have been a lot more joy along the way.


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