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356. Manifesting & Human Design: The New Path to Quantum Success

In this episode, Betsy and Laura share how building a business provided both a channel and a foundation to build radically new lives.

Through the practice of manifestation in alignment with their individual human designs they have discovered freedom from the prison of “how-to”, and the quantum leaps in the success that occur in the feminine frequency.

If you’re listening to this and struggling to manifest, exploring the practice of HD manifesting will open you up to the greatest possibilities for your future.

Discussed in this episode: 

  • Helicopter parenting and being the “good girl”
  • Surviving near-death experiences in their youth.
  • Vision casting in an environment of uncertainty.
  • Betsy’s life expectancy and manifesting in the future.
  • The energetics of present versus future casting.
  • Shifting the narrative around how you experience your human design.
  • Being “committed” to heal your mental health.
  • Manifesting based on your human design.
  • Aligning your whole self to a new life story.
  • HD motivation versus transferred motivation.
  • Misaligned “success” leading to burnout.
  • The 1% Rule


The Playground —Coming Soon!

It's time to unlock the full potential of the power that lies within you.

Each of us has a unique energetic blueprint.  When used correctly, your energy becomes a magnet for everything you have ever wanted. The Playground is where human design integrates with your business.

  • How you are designed to lead and hold power as a feminine leader with your HD.
  • Understand your clients on a deeper level and how to create next-level offers.
  • Discover how you are uniquely designed to market, sell, launch and run a 6 figure business.
  • Align to the frequency of wealth in a completely new way. 

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