332. Office Vibes: Is Your Energy Affecting Your Success?

“It’s just a vibe” has become a running joke in our business.

Everything we do gets put through the “Vibe Filter”:

  • The clothes we wear
  • The food we eat
  • The colors we have painted the rooms in our houses and offices.
  • Our bedding.
  • The places we go.


Anything that doesn’t spark joy is slowly getting released (i.e. thrown away or donated) and every single thing that comes into our homes and (home) offices is mindfully and energetically “curated”.

The outcome has been subtle but actually massive.

If your business is not doing as well as it could be, stop and think for a second: What type of energy are you TRANSMITTING?


Today on the podcast we explore the quality of your energy and the power you have to match your vibe to the frequency of success.

In the episode:

  • Why Betsy loves her “silly little kid pool”.
  • Choosing your environment to support your energy.
  • Generators identify the activities that are satisfying and create a vibe.
  • Tools to raise your energetic frequency.
  • Healthy boundaries, deeper relationships, self-compassion.
  • Your human design energy centers as transmitters and receivers.


P.S. Raise your vibration, become an energetic match for all that you desire.

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