320. Productivity Hacks for the New Age Entrepreneur

In the busy, over-scheduled world we live in, we're constantly juggling endless personal and work responsibilities.

There are endless “productivity hacks” out there, all promising to help save you time. Women especially put a lot of pressure on themselves to “be more productive”…but ask yourself, has that ever actually felt good? 

What if being more productive  - trying to control the external pressures of your life - isn’t really what will make your life better?

True productivity isn’t about downloading a new app or following a specific set of rules…it’s a mindset, happiness, and doing what actually makes you more satisfied and successful.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Using your human design to asses what “hacks” are right for you.
  • Feeling the pressure…of an open root centre.
  • Creating virtual boundaries to protect your energy.
  • Analysis paralysis…death by a thousand thoughts.
  • The freedom found in discernment.
  • Embracing your unique energy to find the strategy that is right for you.
  • Giving yourself permission to do less.


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