324. Sacral Energy: Do you know when enough is enough? (Money Sprint Part 1)

We all want to grow successful businesses and make an impact, but in the pursuit of climbing your proverbial mountain to the summit of success, it's easy to get caught on the treadmill of more-more-more without taking the time to realize how very far you've already come.

This conditioning happens to us consciously and unconsciously, embedding the false belief of "never enough" deep inside our psyche and energetically within the very energy centers of our bodies. 

It's this slippery misunderstanding of enough that directly correlates with the struggle to create money in your business.  When you push yourself to go-go-go without rooting down into why you want more, you inevitably bypass celebrating the very wins you worked so hard to achieve.  You bypass satisfaction, delight, and success; you miss reveling in the experience of enough. 


In this episode you will hear:  

  • Conditioning in the defined versus undefined sacral center.
  • The REAL work of Generators and Manifesting Generators.
  • Doing “the work” and what integration of your human design actually looks like.
  • The pitfall of becoming a “super generator”.
  • Sinking into the fulfillment that's already available to you.
  • How to reinvigorate a burnt-out sacral energy centre.


P.S. The Universe speaks to you, THROUGH YOU. 

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