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355. Switching Gears & The Art of Showing Up with Sara Dann

Sara Dann is an entrepreneur and business consultant who, over the past nine years, has built a multi-million dollar business dedicated to helping women monetize their brilliance.

Through her group programs, digital courses, 1:1 coaching, as well as her podcast, You're Fucking Welcome she has helped thousands of women learn how to combine strategy with soul to create successful businesses.


In this episode you will hear:

  • The key turning points in Sara’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • Reframing the meaning of discipline to show up for your dreams.
  • Turning fears into fuel.
  • Doing the inner work of processes your triggers.
  • Coaching and cancel culture.
  • How to make bold changes.
  • Sara’s weight loss journey.


Connect with Sara on Instagram @saradann_

CLICK HERE to visit her website.  


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