333. The 3 Steps to Attracting Anything you Want

If you have ever wondered what sort of magic you can create through Instagram, well then we are the living, breathing manifestation of what is possible!

Once upon a time, we were two total strangers who happen to share the same last name but are NOT related.

Back in the summer of 2016, Laura slipped into Betsy’s DMs and simply said "hi".

Over the next 6 months, we built a friendship and by January of 2017, we knew we wanted to do more.  So we started a podcast. It wasn’t a business “plan” per se and we didn’t monetize anything for that first year. But we dug in, showed up, and did the work.  

Our podcast became Luscious Hustle, but at the time we felt anything but Luscious.  Nonetheless, our choice of this word would soon prove to be pivotal to our success.

The process of becoming your best self and creating a lifestyle that truly fulfills your preferences, passions, and dreamsis completely achievable, and much simpler than you probably think.

In this episode, we walk you through the three key steps that will get you started on designing a life that you’re proud of and attracting anything you want.


  • The story of our Soul Contract.
  • Why Betsy HATED the word Luscious.
  • The Be-Do-Have Mentality.
  • Human design and embodying your highest self.
  • Opening to receiving money.
  • Example of where you can go wrong in manifesting.
  • Embodying your highest self now. 


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