334. The 4 Hour Workday for Entrepreneurs


Many projectors when first discovering their human design are struck by the idea that projectors are “not here to work.” 

Human design offers an energetic road map for each energy type, where the traditional concept of “work” is redefined for everyone.

But when you’ve spent your entire adult life working 40, 50, 60+ hours per work, the idea of doing LESS may seem unbelievable.  However, research shows that working more is rarely the answer to increasing your productivity.  In fact, we actually function better when we have more to do in less time.

In this episode, we open up about how were are transforming our business model to support a 4-hour workday, and the share the 5 essential elements you need to consider if you want to do the same.

  • Our initial resistance to the idea of a reduced workday.
  • Transitioning our business to do less and have more.
  • 5 Elements to making a 4-hour workday a reality for you.
  • Reimagining how you value your time.
  • Discernment and the value of saying “No”.
  • The importance of trusting your own inner authority.
  • Aiming at your goals with intention.
  • Dispelling the guilt around working less for the energy types.


P.S. Raise your vibration, become an energetic match for all that you desire.


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