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349. The Spiritual Science Behind Shifting Your Mindset with Amy Pamensky

Amy Pamensky is an empowerment coach, spiritual teacher, and podcast host. She supports female entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches to show up confidently in their relationships and business. 


Amy uses a blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies including meditation, quantum physics, and neuroscience to support women in stepping into their next level of leadership and transformation. 


Amy is also the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast where she shares weekly wisdom on how to connect with your feminine energy to manifest abundance, love, and the life that you truly desire.


In this episode you will hear:

  •  The quantum science of spiritual growth.
  • The role of frequency in manifestation.
  • Why healing occurs in tandem with spiritual and financial growth.
  • The burden of shame in the personal development world.
  • Death of the ego.
  • The Feminine Frequency.
  • Defining your femininity for yourself.
  • What to do with content that triggers you.


Connect with Amy on Instagram @amynatalieco

CLICK HERE to visit her website. 


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