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362. Using Human Design to Scale your Business

Growth is traditionally viewed in linear terms, where more input of time and energy creates greater revenue in return. 

But scaling your business is when your revenue increases without a substantial increase in time and energy input. 

The biggest hurdle to truly scaling your business in alignment with the life you desire is that most entrepreneurs are taught to find success by building in the masculine.

We see women endlessly hustling, testing formulas and methodologies, but growth doesn’t happen.

That's where human design comes in….Alignment of our energy is how a 4-hour workday has become our reality. 

The paradigm of potent productivity, clean energetics; doing business in a very different way. The highest expression of your human design. 

In this episode Betsy and Laura discuss how embodying your human design - your soul’s uniqueness - will expand your energy and self-awareness allowing you to trail blaze an aligned path to success: 

  •  The importance of clean, clear energy.
  • Redefining the potency of your productivity.
  • Forbes 30 under 30, a story of failure and freedom
  • Misalignment with money.
  • Next chapters in your wealth journey.
  • Will power of the defined and undefined ego/heart center.
  • #girlboss backlash.
  • Celebrity human design.
  • High versus low expression of your human design



Star Strategy Session - Understanding your Human Design is the key to you understanding HOW you are meant to show up in this world, how your energy flows within, and the strategies that WILL work best for your alignment and desired success. 

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