337. Walking Through Fear to Cultivate Confidence with Danielle Searancke

Danielle Searancke is an Indigenous Canadian Medium, Mentor, and Spiritual Guide. Since Danielle was seven years old, she had profound experiences with spirit, but it was through her experience of becoming a mother when she was led to a path of mediumship development in 2013.


Danielle has studied the art of mediumship with mentors around the world and continues to develop and grow to better serve the world of Spirit and those who feel called to work with her through her readings, mentorship, and group coaching programs.


Danielle is passionate about helping others discover their abilities in an empowering way, and guiding people to better understand their energetic boundaries as they move through life as empathetic beings. Danielle is a proud indigenous woman with the ancestry of York Factory First Nations, residing in the Coast Salish mountain town of Squamish BC with her two young children, her fur-baby Luna, and her very skeptical, yet supportive husband.



In this episode you will hear:


  • Walking through fear in your spiritual gifts.
  • How Danielle stepped out of a corporate job and into mediumship.
  • The health crisis that propelled her into action.
  • Lessons from being an end-of-life doula.
  • Why walking through your fears is an “inside job”.
  • The difference between a medium and a psychic.
  • Mediumship in masculine versus feminine energy.
  • How you can start to hone your spiritual gifts.
  • Who is meant to use their spiritual gifts in business.
  • Staying authentic in our businesses on social media.


Connect with Danielle on Instagram @squamishmedium

CLICK HERE to visit her website.


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