316. Why Making $100K in Your Business is Easier than You Think. [Freedom Sprint Part 2]

Alignment with your energy, activated in baby steps, creates massive results. To go from making $1000 a month to making $20,000 a month with ease, it’s at your fingertips right now.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You have the strategies in place. It’s navigating all the externals that trip us up…

...When you’re being told to go get a “real job.”

...When you’re going through a relationship breakup.

...When you can barely pull yourself out of bed to go to work.

These are all the things that are actually going to knock you out of alignment and building the 6-figure business that you want.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Bold Statement: Making $100K in Your Business is NOT hard.
  • The 4 D’s (Death, Divorce, Debt, and Depression).
  • Why we default to thinking the solution will be found in a funnel, a new website, or more followers.
  • The coaching world and that social media content that triggers you.
  • How Betsy and Laura were able to rise above the 4 D’s to save and grow Luscious Hustle.
  • The energetic lessons opened up cash flow in our business.
  • Discovering new freedom in the work of building your business.
  • Playing with Purpose…let business building feel like being a kid again.


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