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354. Women, Wealth & Power: The Paradigm Shift

We chase time, we try to control time. There never seems to be enough space, time, energy to do and have all that we want.

There’s a profound awareness that comes when we switch from looking at the way we consume time and our ability to create money from the masculine to seeing it from the feminine paradigm.

The feminine - like life, like nature, like creation - is multidimensional and dynamic.   And thus success, business growth, and money made in alignment with your feminine energy will come to fruition differently than what we have been conditioned to expect.

When we detach ourselves from the fears and fallacies of leading in your feminine, we step into a new paradigm of potentiality to serve, create and receive money.


In this episode Betsy and Laura discuss:

  • Global rising consciousness, what this means for your business.
  • The disease of comparison and the pressure of time.
  • Getting tripped up in the old masculine conditioning.
  • The essence of the feminine.
  • How Betsy came to build a $10 million brand.
  • Success leaves clues, what you can do with them.
  • Freedom from the “systems” and “strategies” of the past.



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Those who crave business growth. Those who to master their unique profitability, and to fully own what they do and how they do it. 

When we align with the coding of our souls we become empowered to receive and hold true abundance.

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