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How to Make $100k: The 4 Stages of Business Building

Apr 09, 2019

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious in trying to do all the things in your business and your life? It might be because you are trying to jump too far ahead in the business building process.

Today we’re laying out the four stages of building a business, which you have to progress through over time. After this episode, you’ll be able to clearly identify where you are now and where you can grow into, without trying to do it all at once.





    • How we found clarity in our business building journey [ 3:44 ]
    • The worst thing that you can do to your yourself [ 5:41 ]
    • What the first stage of business building is [ 6:45 ]
    • How Stage 1 looked for us on the podcast [ 8:10 ]
    • What Stage 2 of business building looks and feels like [ 10:20 ]
    • How to even out the feast and famine in your business [ 11:35 ]
    • How we nurtured our business growth through personalized coaching [ 14:10 ]
    • How to know that you are...
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Luscious Bite 91: The 3 Crystals that Every Soulful Entrepreneur Needs

Apr 05, 2019

We get asked all the time what crystals a soulful entrepreneur should buy, so today we are giving you the top three, and it’s not what you’d expect. Learn how one stone will help you transition from anxiety and overwhelm into logic and focus, while another will ensure you are feeling worthy of receiving money. Last but not least is our favorite: the Luscious Hustle stone, which balances your divine masculine and divine feminine energies.




  • The crystal of self-expression [ 2:00 ]
  • The crystal for self-love that is also connected to two different chakras [ 5:06 ]
  • The Luscious Hustle stone [ 7:47 ]
  • Pro tips for your next visit to the crystal store [ 9:44 ]




Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

The Luscious Mastermind is a unique coaching experience, helping you to bust through your limiting beliefs, release your fears and create your dream...

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118: How To Grow Your Facebook Groups and Generate Sales with Christina Jandali

Apr 02, 2019


Christina Jandali is a confidence-boosting, cash-creating, business growth strategist for women who want to capitalize on and profit from their unique genius, and leave behind their corporate careers in favor of creating their own freedom-based online businesses. In climbing the corporate ladder, Christina realized she was ready to build her own dream business, not somebody else’s.

Today she is walking us through exactly how she used her Facebook groups to help grow her million dollar business. The tools we talk about today are immediately actionable, and by the end of the episode, you’ll know whether a Facebook group is right for your business or not.




    • Why Christina chose Facebook groups to network in her business [ 4:44 ]
    • What Christina calls “egometrics” and how to get over them [ 8:10 ]
    • Current changes to the Facebook group algorithm and how to work within it [ 11:27 ]
    • ...
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Luscious Bite 90: What is "Being Busy" Costing You?

Mar 29, 2019

Today we are diving into the tasks we focus on and get comfortable with, but that really don’t move the needle forward - you know, our business crutches. These are the tasks that trick you into feeling productive because you’re good at them and you can check them off your to-do list, but in the end, it’s just busy work. We’re showing you how to take a step back, compassionately evaluate, and identify where your crutches are.



  • What a crutch in your business looks like [ 3:24 ]
  • Examples of common business crutches [ 7:35 ]
  • Practical steps to identify your business crutches [ 10:35 ]
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117. Sensitive by Nature: Your Hidden Superpower

Mar 26, 2019

Betsy has spent her whole life being called “sensitive”, and in truth, she’s sensitive to many things: food, the sun, hormones, the lunar cycle. But that sensitivity, while not nurtured in society, is actually a powerful sales superpower. So today we are going deep to uncover what emotional intelligence is, why we need to tap into our divine feminine energy, and how our coaching business thrives on sensitivity.




    • How the sensitivity trait is viewed in women [ 2:26 ]
    • What the world needs more of [ 3:13 ]
    • One of the key qualities of a good leader [ 3:30 ]
    • Why we don’t nurture our sensitivity in traditional business roles [ 5:28 ]
    • The stories we tell ourselves as smart women [ 7:00 ]
    • How to make sales easier using sensitivity [ 7:43 ]
    • What active listening is and how it will increase sales [ 9:22 ]
    • The role that nurturing plays in our society [ 10:49 ]
    • How embracing our emotional...
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Luscious Bite 89: Receiving Signs from The Universe

Mar 22, 2019

Are looking for a sign before you take action? 

Today we are diving into the different types of signs we experience, from seeing angel numbers to credit cards being declined (hey, we've all been there!).  The key is learning how to receive and interpret the signs to help us reach our highest self, without using them as a crutch.   

  • Angel numbers: what are they and what do they mean [ 2:10 ]
  • Where you should be looking for guidance and how to identify when you are standing in your own way [ 4:33 ]
  • An example of a “sign” and how Betsy navigated through it. [ 6:40 ]
  • An example of how Laura navigated a series of "signs" and the greater lesson she learned. [ 11:24 ]
  • How signs can lead to greater transformations [ 14:35 ]
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116: Trusting Your Truth: How To Embrace What Is with Shannon Wooten

Mar 19, 2019

Shannon Wooten is a mindset coach for visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to trailblaze a path to wealth and intimacy. In addition to coaching people on their path to authenticity and self-acceptance, she’s also an infertility survivor and advocate.

Last year she wrote a book called Infertility Sucks, You Don’t about her private struggle. Today we are diving into how these personal struggles show up in our businesses and how we can learn to navigate them in a very real way.



    • How Shannon’s tenacity in business translated into her infertility journey [ 7:20 ]
    • How a calling to feminine energy led to Shannon becoming a life coach [ 9:18 ]
    • How to view your vulnerability in business as you are starting out [ 12:38 ]
    • The stories we often tell ourselves as women [ 15:05 ]
    • How we may be classifying ourselves as the “right kind” or “wrong kind” of woman [ 17:05 ]
    • How to share...
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Luscious Bite 88: 5 Must-Haves For a Profitable Online Brand and Business

Mar 15, 2019

There is a lot of flash-and-dash in the online world, which makes it confusing to know what activities actually generate income. Many of our students get stuck on things that are just not necessary for finding clients and selling online. Today we are breaking down exactly what NOT to spend your time on, and the 5 must-haves for bringing in the money you deserve, so you can live the life you desire.



  • What revenue-generating activities are [ 2:42 ]
  • What you DO NOT need to have for a profitable business and brand [ 5:20 ]
  • 5 things you should be doing in your business right now [ 8:04 ]
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115. Building a Business with Chronic Illness

Mar 12, 2019

It’s no secret that Betsy has battled chronic illness - from migraines to mysterious allergies, she is sensitive, on a physical level, to the world around her. Today we are diving into what it means to build a business with a chronic illness. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Betsy is sharing her three non-negotiable self-care practices that have helped her navigate entrepreneurship with illness.





    • The top two questions that Betsy gets asked [ 2:21 ]
    • How self-care and chronic illness management has changed over the last 20 years [ 5:58 ]
    • Why Betsy doesn’t often talk about her chronic illness [ 8:53 ]
    • How to view energy fluctuations [ 10:15 ]
    • How to reframe the word “disease” [ 13:49 ]
    • How to manage your energy as an entrepreneur with chronic illness [ 14:48 ]
    • How building a business was the best thing Betsy did for her health [ 15:47 ]
    • What to do if you have an...
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Luscious Bite 87: Doing the Spiritual Work Inside Your Business

Mar 08, 2019

Observers on the outside frequently focus on the external results of your business (the website, the revenue, the launches, number of followers), but what they don’t see is the inner work you are constantly doing: the spiritual work.

Real results don't happen simply by going through the motions of building a business... they happen when you start doing the spiritual work INSIDE your business.  

Today we’re explaining why embracing the struggle to become the highest version of yourself is the most essential part of the business building journey. 



  • The actual hardest parts of building a business [ 4:03 ]

  • What it feels like when you are really doing the spiritual

    work [ 9:12 ]
  • What sparks rapid business growth [ 10:46 ]

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