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Luscious Bite 98: Soul Integration - Giving Yourself Permission to Check Out

May 24, 2019

Our Luscious Hustle involves building a business around our lives, not the other way around. We enjoy stepping away to spend time with friends and family, and to check-in with ourselves. Today we are sharing exactly why and how you can check-in with yourself by checking out of your business for a little bit.



  • A necessary part of leveling up in business and life [ 4:35 ]
  • How we shifted from wounded to the divine feminine in our business [ 7:18 ]
  • Why you might need to check-out this weekend [ 14:08 ]


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125: Disrupting the Online Coaching Sphere with Devon Brooks

May 21, 2019


In today’s episode, we are thrilled to be joined by serial entrepreneur and badass businesswoman, Devon Brooks. Devon started her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s when she co-founded Blo, the world’s first and largest franchise of blow-dry bars.

After almost a decade of digging into purpose and leadership, while supporting hundreds of creatives, professionals, startups, and founders as a coach, Devon has set her sights on re-imagining the personal development landscape. Born from her own frustrations with a lack of accessibility and exceptional technology in the coaching space, her newest venture, Sphere, enhances the experience of personal coaching.

Today she is here sharing her insights into what it takes to build and scale a successful business, learning on the job, and the importance of coaching in today’s world. It’s a juicy conversation, so let’s dive in.





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Luscious Bite 97: Why You Want to Get Your Hopes Up

May 17, 2019

How many times do you find yourself saying unconsciously saying  "I don't want to get my hopes up"?  From a young age, we have been told you can be anything you want to be while at the same time being taught to manage our expectations.  Well, not anymore.  

In today's Luscious Bite, we are breaking down why it is important to dream big, get your hopes up and lean into your joy.  



  • Why all entrepreneurs NEED to get our hopes up [ 2:00 ]
  • How past generation's experiences have shaped why we stop ourselves from "getting our hopes up" [ 5:35 ]
  • How we self-sabotage our dreams and energy by telling unnecessary stories [ 11:05 ]
  • Why failure is an essential element to experience joy [ 12:30 ]
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124: How To Avoid Self-Sabotage as a Soulful Entrepreneur with Emily Cassel

May 14, 2019

Emily is a leadership and business coach for women entrepreneurs and she’s the host of the Sexy Soulful Success podcast. She is a speaker, retreat facilitator, and believer that everyone can achieve their big crazy dream.

Today we are diving into empowerment, relationships with our mothers, and soulful self-care. We also speak candidly about how, as Luscious Hustlers, we tend to get in our own way, and Emily lays out very tangibly where in our lives and businesses self-sabotage shows up.




    • What positive psychology is [ 6:45 ]
    • How an entrepreneurial mother influenced and educated Emily [ 10:05 ]
    • Defining the masculine and feminine parts of our businesses [ 15:37 ]
    • How Emily harmonizes her masculine and feminine qualities [ 19:00 ]
    • How to maximize the time you spend in your zone of genius [ 22:17 ]
    • How to bring yourself back to center [ 23:02 ]
    • How to trust your divine downloads [ 25:02 ]
    • The most...
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Luscious Bite 96: Why You Should Take a Time Out From Personal Development

May 10, 2019

As an entrepreneur, personal development is essential. But if you’re feeling a little burnt out on all the business books you’ve been reading, it’s time for a luscious break!

Today we are breaking down the importance of taking a timeout from the non-fiction reads and allowing your joy and curiosity to lead you. You might be surprised what you learn and how you grow from reading fiction.



  • What to do if you feel like you are burnt out on personal development [ 3:27 ]
  • Why fiction is just as valuable as non-fiction [ 11:06 ]
  • Why our last launch was so successful [ 14:24 ]



Laura’s Recommended Luscious Read:

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

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123. What Is Fear Costing You in Your Business?

May 07, 2019

Today we are diving into the places in our business where fear creeps in to prevent us from moving forward. And that fear is often linked directly to our money or lack thereof. So we’re showing you exactly how to face these fears head-on, whether you have the money in the bank or not.



    • Where fear creeps in the most in your business [ 1:57 ]
    • What to do if your laptop is slowing you down [ 2:44 ]
    • How to view the investment in childcare [ 4:44 ]
    • How to get the big ticket items when you don’t have the money [ 5:41 ]
    • How to launch the product or service without money [ 9:19 ]
    • Where to produce quality graphics affordably [ 11:46 ]
    • What an employee mindset might be costing you as an entrepreneur [ 13:09 ]
    • How to play the long game to afford what you need [ 14:40 ]
    • A powerful option to create the space you need as a soulful entrepreneur [ 16:50 ]
    • The key to making large upfront investments [ 18:42 ]
    • The first...
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Luscious Bite 95: Are You Having a Personal Brand Identity Crisis?

May 03, 2019

Does it feel like you’ve lost your identity while building your personal brand? Or are you trying to build a personal brand, but you just don’t know where to start? We have good news: you are one post away from reclaiming and owning your brand identity. Today we’re showing you how to tune out the noise and write from your soulful entrepreneur heart.



  • Four questions to determine if you are having a brand identity crisis [ 4:25 ]
  • The first step to reclaiming your identity [ 6:10 ]
  • How to write brand content that resonates [ 10:02 ]
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122: The Power of Crowd Funding for Female-Founded Businesses with Sarah Moe

Apr 30, 2019

Today on the podcast we are diving into the power of crowdfunding with Sarah Moe. She explains why you should consider crowdfunding if you are starting a business and why this is especially important if you are a female entrepreneur. You’ll also learn the hidden benefits of a crowdfunding campaign and common pitfalls to avoid.


Sarah Moe is a former lawyer, who is now a business and crowdfunding coach. She’s been featured on Girl Boss, Bustle, and CNBC. Sarah works for I Fund Women, a company that is on a mission to fund more female-founded businesses.





    • What crowdfunding is and why it’s important [ 5:21 ]
    • The biggest misconceptions about who can crowdfund [ 7:15 ]
    • How to use crowdfunding as a marketing tool [ 9:03 ]
    • Hidden benefits of a crowdfunding campaign [ 10:39 ]
    • The power of an emotional video to back your campaign [ 13:57 ]
    • Why campaigns fail [ 17:10 ]
    • Why women...
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Luscious Bite 94: Top 5 Luscious Hustler Health Tools

Apr 26, 2019

If you are a solopreneur, you ARE your business, meaning you are the most important asset. So today we are giving you permission to honor yourself by putting tools in place to support your health and allow for disconnection from your business. We’re sharing our top five luscious hustler tools that are a non-negotiable in our schedules.





  • The essential oils you need as an entrepreneur [ 5:08 ]
  • How we use supplements and elixirs to support our energy [ 7:10 ]
  • A beauty tool that we now use as a healing tool [ 10:00 ]
  • Our favorite tool to swing us back into our divine feminine energy [ 12:17 ]



To learn about the top 3 crystals every soulful entrepreneur needs:

Check out Luscious Bite #91 here


To learn about Betsy’s superpower of sensitivity:

Check out Episode 117 here

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121: Rewriting Your Money Story: The Wealth vs. Poverty Mindset

Apr 23, 2019

Money is power.

Money gives you options.

Money gives you freedom.

As women, we have to become comfortable talking about money and feeling worthy of money to create change, not only for ourselves but for the women we are meant to serve.

Today we are diving into the difference between a wealth mindset and a poverty mindset so that you can begin to identify where you stand. Rewriting your wealth story is a process that starts with a single step, and we’re showing you exactly how to begin.





    • How small money hangups can create big mental blocks [ 3:03 ]
    • Where to start opening up to identify your money hangups [ 4:44 ]
    • Three easy steps to begin receiving [ 6:36 ]
    • Why women suck at receiving [ 7:23 ]
    • How the lessons we learn impact the money we make [ 10:00 ]
    • What wealthy people are really good at [ 12:27 ]
    • How rich and poor people play the money game [ 14:12 ]
    • How rich people feel about promoting...
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