63: Expressing Yourself- The Evolution of a Brand with Katie Dalebout

IN THIS EPISODE:  Katie Dalebout is a blogger turned podcast host and author.  Her podcast, Let It Out, began in 2013 and over the last five years, she has amassed an eclectic archive of soulful interviews that cover everything from wellness & spirituality to entrepreneurship & relationships.

Today she is here sharing her own journey and helping us dive into the importance of expressing yourself fully.


  • Katie’s journey to becoming a podcaster and author of Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • The transformative power of podcasting and journaling
  • Evolving and embracing change as you grow a business and brand
  • Self-care and productivity practices for multi-passionate creatives.



Katie Dalebout is a writer, host, and wellness and creativity cheerleader who resides in New York City. In 2013 she started the then wellness-focused podcast Let It Out, which has now molded into a...

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Luscious Bite 35: Mom Life-- How My Business Saved My Butt

Creating a business and designing a life that you love can have many challenging moments. Lately, we have been feeling a lot of immense gratitude for the flexibility and freedom we have created in our own lives through our own entrepreneurial journeys.
This week we are exploring Laura's Mom Boss Life as well as taking a look at how your WHY fuels your hustle and your hustle enables your dream life.   


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62: Finding Joy Through Intuition with Georgie Morley

IN THIS EPISODE:  Georgie Morley is the creative mind behind In It 4 The Long Run Blog as well as the Chasing Joy Podcast.  Her blog and podcast are geared towards badass babes who are on a mission to live a joyful life. 

Today’s conversation is filled with soulful insights and lots of laughs.  We are diving into mindset shifts to kick scarcity thoughts, how to usher in abundance, letting go of the comparison game, the valuable lessons we have all learned from podcasting and of course, how to find more ways to invite JOY into our lives.


Georgie Morley putting happiness back into healthy living.  She is a 20-something blogger and podcast host, on a quest to help other young women put happiness back into their healthy lifestyle. On her blog, she shares relatable and actionable tools for health, that never involve counting calories! 



Instagram: @init4thelongrunblog


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Luscious Bite 34: How to Align Your Masculine Boss Energy with Your Feminine Intuitive Knowing

This week we are taking a walk on the Woo Side and diving into Divine Feminine energy, how masculine and feminine energy can be harnessed in your business, manifesting magic and why aligning with your intuition is one of the most powerful tools in your brand building arsenal.  


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61: The Science and Soul of Happiness with Kelli Pease

IN THIS EPISODE: Kelli Pease, founder of the happiness movement, The Happsters. She is on a mission to find new ways to spread happiness.  and her work has been featured by publications including Cosmopolitan.com, Buzzfeed.com, Self.com, and glamour.com.

Today she is here break-ing down the science of happiness for us and giving us insights into how we can all bring a little more happiness into our day to day lives.


Topics Include:

  • What are Happsters and Happster Squads
  • The 4 G’s of Happiness
  • The science behind happiness and how to incorporate more moments of joy into your day.
  • The importance of taking your relationships from online to IRL
  • The intrinsic value of having a side-hustle and the role it plays in boosting your own happiness.


Kelli Davis Pease is the founder of the happiness movement, The Happsters. She has been featured by publications including Cosmopolitan.com, Buzzfeed.com, Self.com, and Glamour.com....

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Luscious Bite 33: Olympic Love, Feminine Energy + Manifesting Your Destiny

This week we were feeling all the feels after watching the Ice Dancing finals at the Olympics. This was not a planned topic but something that was clearly on our minds when we started talking. 

There are some stellar lessons to be learned from our beloved athletes (and fellow Luscious Hustlers): lessons in love, collaboration, brand building, side hustling and having the courage to chase your dreams.

You don't want to miss this!


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60: Consciousness + Clairvoyance with Jessica Reid

IN THIS EPISODE:  Jessica Reid is a global clairvoyant, channel and Soul Purpose fulfillment coach.  Born with the ability to communicated and see past the physical plane Jessica has always perceived and observed life through a very different consciousness. 

After years of shutting off her gifts because they weren’t “normal”, Jessica started her transformation to tap back into her amazing gifts and become a conduit for a global consciousness shift.  

She is here today to help us gain insight into what a clairvoyant is, how you can benefit from working one as well as some practical tips to help you tap into your own innate gifts and embrace your soul’s true purpose.


Topics Include:

  • A look at what a clairvoyant  and the different ways a person can connect with the spiritual planes.
  • What is deja vu and why does it show up in your life?
  • How Jessica went from “comfortably numb” to...
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Luscious Bite 32: Cracking the Code on Self-Love and Limiting Beliefs

This week was Valentine's Day and for the first time ever, we didn't automatically agree on something.  So in today's episode we are opening up about self-love, the ghosts of relationships past and what we really think about Valentine's/Galantine's Day celebrations. 

Tune in for:

  • The Valentine versus Galantine Debate.
  • The importance of tribe for women.
  • Self-Love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Why being single (or celebrating alone) on Valentine’s can be a gift. 
  • Cracking the vault on our past relationships.
  • Busting through limiting beliefs to step into your Luscious life.


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59: Manifesting Your Dream Business with Naomi Keane

IN THIS EPISODE:  Naomi Keane is a fitness instructor and the visionary behind Oranj Fitness Airdrie.  Naomi has always had a passion for fitness and dance. Over the last 15 years has channeled that love and knowledge into creating her own personal brand where she empowers other women to change their lives through the positive transformations of the mind and body.

She is here to talk about her incredible journey from fitness trainer in B.C. to opening her own boutique fitness center in Calgary.  Her insights into the fitness world, as well as some real talk about the amazing benefits she has gained by partnering with an established franchise, are truly inspiring and will have you looking at franchising in a whole new light. 


Topics Include:

  • Shattering the stigma around becoming a franchisee and how Naomi took it as an opportunity to build the business of her dreams.
  • What partnering with a franchise really looks like and...
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Luscious Bite 31: The Soulful Benefits of Starting a Side Hustle

In this weeks Luscious Bite, we are opening up about the intrinsic value we have both gained by having a side hustle.  

Too often success if measured in dollars and cents, but today we are showing you that there is SO MUCH MORE to having a side hustle than you ever imagined.


PS:  If you follow us on Instagram then you know we LOVE our Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs!   Click here to check out Four Sigmatic and use the code LUSCIOUS for an extra 10% off your order (including sale stuff!) 



The Luscious Hustle Academy was born out of our own business mistakes, successes and bold, messy AF action.

Each one of us has a unique gift and service to offer the world. The “rules” for building a successful online business are shifting constantly. What worked 2 years ago is practically obsolete...

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