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102: Spiritual Work - Taking Action To Harness Chakra Energy with Amber-Lee Lyons

chakras podcast Dec 11, 2018

Amber-Lee Lyons is a chakra expert, crystal connoisseur, podcast host, and the founder of Chakra Girl Co., a company on a mission to make chakra balancing mainstream.

Today she is here helping us dive into the incredible power of chakra energy, how you can use your chakras to align yourself with your higher purpose, and tips to get you started on your own healing journey today.



  • What chakras are and how they affect us [ 6:01 ]
  • The biggest misconceptions about chakras [ 7:36 ]
  • What can happen when you open a chakra [ 10:30 ]
  • How to open up and be vulnerable to guide others [ 15:02 ]
  • The spiritual hangover cure [ 19:21 ]
  • How to correct the biggest struggle with manifestation [ 20:43 ]
  • How to take a quantum leap [ 23:25 ]
  • How you can easily think about vibrations and energy [ 24:22 ]
  • The challenges that come with a spiritually awakening [ 26:48 ]
  • What it means to do the work to receive money [ 34:57 ]
  • The mindset...
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