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104. Ask Us Anything: Free Christmas Coaching

coaching podcast Dec 25, 2018

If you are listening as this releases on the 25th, Merry Christmas! Today is a special episode, as we answer questions from our Luscious Hustler Insiders. We’re channeling Oprah, and doling out free Christmas coaching for everyone!



  • How to define your unique message [1:44]
  • How to stay high vibe when life throws you a curveball [5:57]
  • The astounding connection between personal and business development [12:24]
  • How to execute as a multi-passionate creative [13:57]
  • What to do if you’re multi-passionate ideas are all unrelated [18:34]
  • How to make the leap from employment to entrepreneurship [21:04]
  • What so many new entrepreneurs struggle with [25:54]
  • How to reach your ideal client in the beginning [27:56]
  • The 411 on program design [30:53]
  • How to price a program [34:14]
  • What we would change in our programs [ 38:02 ]
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