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58: Legally Legit with Sam Vander Wielen

IN THIS EPISODE:  Sam Vander Wielen is a former Corporate Attorney turned Entrepreneur who empowers women through mentorship and DIY legal templates.  After a near-death experience opened her eyes to fact that she wasn’t living her best life, Sam embarked on an journey of self-discovery and re-invention. 

Today she is here, sharing her own personal journey as well as practical tips to help you get Legally Legit in your own business.


Topics Include:

  • How Sam transitioned from Corporate Attorney to Health Coach before finally finding her niche as a Business Coach and Mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The Importance of finding and claiming your niche in order to thrive.
  • How to find space for your unique voice in a competitive market.
  • The near-death experience that was a catalyst for Sam to find her true path.
  • What is hygge (pronounce Hue-guh)?
  • The most common legal issues Sam sees for budding entrepreneurs and steps you can take...
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