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Luscious Bite 78: 5 Steps To Get More Engaged Followers on Instagram

 Instagram’s algorithm is all about engagement, which is a good thing because real connection equals currency in your business. So today we’re laying down five steps to build an engaged tribe on Instagram.



  • How attracting your ideal customer is like a cocktail party [ 1:47 ]
  • How to rethink hashtags [ 4:00 ]
  • The one feature on IG you need to use [ 5:36 ]
  • How to share your unique self authentically [ 9:22 ]
  • What is more important than creating new posts [ 12:57 ]


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Luscious Bite 58: The Elevator Pitch - And the Importance of its Online Counterpart: The Instagram Bio

Can you explain what you do in seven seconds or less? Does this translate onto your Instagram bio? In today’s world of 140 characters or less, you need to get straight to the point, or risk being scrolled past and tuned out. Today we chat about why you need an authentic elevator pitch and how you can craft your perfect bio.




Why your title or elevator pitch may be holding you back [ 3:20 ]

A clever in-person hack to improve your pitch [ 8:50 ]

Steps to take RIGHT NOW to up-level on Instagram [ 11:48 ]



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75: Social Media Success: How to Connect and Authentically Grow with Crystal Honeycutt

IN THIS EPISODE: Crystal Honeycutt is a social media expert and creator of School of Grace, Grow in Grace, and Train Dirty Fitness.  Her heart’s passion is helping women grow their businesses and reach their full potential without sacrificing their authentic self.

When it comes to strategy for social media, Crystal is a unique voice in the online space.  Today she is here sharing insights into how she has built her heart-centered community and the tools you need to build an authentic connection with your online audience that will help you (and ultimately your business) grow and thrive. 


    • Crystal shares her entrepreneurial journey and the defining moment that made her become a social media expert.
    • The surprising and unique way that Crystal built her social media following (which has blossomed into over 15k followers and a truly engaged community).
    • How to be “social” and have FUN on social media.
    • The importance of being...
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