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74: KonMari Magic-- Creating Space to Grow with Christine O'Brien

May 29, 2018

IN THIS EPISODE:  Christine O’Brien is a Simplicity Parenting Coach and a KonMari Consultant. The KonMari method was the catalyst for a complete lifestyle change for Christine. She realized that she had the necessary skills to create the home and life of her dreams. She transformed her self-criticism to self-compassion and made joy possible in her everyday life.

As a result, her relationships have become stronger. She has overcome fear and is sharing her light with the world.  Today she is here sharing insights into how she helps women have harmony at home by strengthening relationships and clearing clutter!



    • Christine’s story: How she used the KonMari method to first transform her life and why she is so dedicated to helping teach others the method. 
    • An in-depth look at the KonMari Method: what it is, how to start and how the method can benefit you.
    • The difference between joy and happiness.
    • The importance of creating...
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