339. Why You’re Kind of a Big Deal with Erin King

Erin King is a best-selling author, 3x entrepreneur, and the CEO of the Socialite Agency.  She’s helped clients ranging from The Academy Awards in Hollywood to The United States Navy at the Pentagon communicate more compellingly using her award-winning PUB method.


She is the author of “Digital Persuasion” and “You’re Kind of a Big Deal” which both draw from her personal and professional experiences having founded three companies before the age of 40.


In this episode you will hear:

  • What is “Big Deal” energy?
  • Erin’s critical moment of the Audacity.
  • How she survived the darkness of failure to rise again.
  • When manifestation meets reality…the stars will align.
  • Copycatting on social and the secret to creating real community online.
  • Chasing your own version of success.
  • Walking away from money to make space for your new dream.
  • The uncomfortableness of surrender.


Connect with Erin on Instagram ...

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338. Can’t focus?  How to Reclaim the Power of Your Mind

You know those days…the ones where you can’t seem to complete a single task to save your life?!

For busy entrepreneurs with crammed schedules and overwhelming to-do lists, nothing is more frustrating than finally finding the time to sit down and work, only to spin out in ‘squirrel brain’ and not get a thing done.

It would be easy to blame your lack of focus on sleep deprivation, distractions, or ADHD. But Human Design offers a uniquely freeing perspective on why you can’t focus and how  you are actually designed to think, solve problems, and come to decisions.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Why Human Design truly is the ultimate lived experiment.
  • The gift of ADHD.
  • What it really means to have an inability to focus.
  • Understanding brain and mind variables in human design.
  • Why you’re NEVER too old to live your human design.
  • Reclaiming the beauty and power of your mind.
  • Discerning between those tasks that are “have to...
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337. Walking Through Fear to Cultivate Confidence with Danielle Searancke

Danielle Searancke is an Indigenous Canadian Medium, Mentor, and Spiritual Guide. Since Danielle was seven years old, she had profound experiences with spirit, but it was through her experience of becoming a mother when she was led to a path of mediumship development in 2013.


Danielle has studied the art of mediumship with mentors around the world and continues to develop and grow to better serve the world of Spirit and those who feel called to work with her through her readings, mentorship, and group coaching programs.


Danielle is passionate about helping others discover their abilities in an empowering way, and guiding people to better understand their energetic boundaries as they move through life as empathetic beings. Danielle is a proud indigenous woman with the ancestry of York Factory First Nations, residing in the Coast Salish mountain town of Squamish BC with her two young children, her fur-baby Luna, and her very skeptical, yet supportive husband.



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336. How to Decide Between Launching a Group Program or 1:1 Coaching

Coaching can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding businesses on the planet!  Ok, we may be biased here, but we can’t deny how rewarding it feels to co-create a positive outcome with a client.

 A coaching business not only offers incredible flexibility in terms of your lifestyle but also in the many diverse ways you can deliver a transformation for your clients. 

There are 1001 ways to build a successful coaching or service-based business but discerning which vehicle (1:1 coaching, group program, or an evergreen program) is correct for you is where many entrepreneurs get stuck.


In this episode, we share how we started our coaching business, why it worked, and what it looks like to launch both group programs and 1:1 coaching.


You will hear:

  • How we started Luscious Hustle back in 2018.
  • The thing on social that’s driving Laura crazy.
  • The key to knowing when to create a group program.
  • Intentions behind scaling your business.
  • Staying open...
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335. How To Legally Protect and Grow Your Business with Sam Vander Wielen

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur and legal educator who helps coaches & service-providers legally protect and grow their online brands through her legal templates and signature program, the Ultimate Bundle.


Sam lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Ryan, mini bernedoodle Hudson, lots of plants, and her ever-growing stack of favorite books.


If you’ve always associated attorneys with words like “shark,” “intense,” and “cutthroat,” you’re in for a down-to-earth breath of legal fresh air from Sam.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Legacy and building your business to sustain any life event.
  • How Sam has grown her cash flow through personal struggle and family illness.
  • The flip side of bereavement planning.
  • Thinking BIG outside of your social media “bubble”.
  • Understanding mimicry versus plagiarism/theft.
  • Why you SHOULD NOT follow anyone who does what you do.
  • Is it...
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334. The 4 Hour Workday for Entrepreneurs


Many projectors when first discovering their human design are struck by the idea that projectors are “not here to work.” 

Human design offers an energetic road map for each energy type, where the traditional concept of “work” is redefined for everyone.

But when you’ve spent your entire adult life working 40, 50, 60+ hours per work, the idea of doing LESS may seem unbelievable.  However, research shows that working more is rarely the answer to increasing your productivity.  In fact, we actually function better when we have more to do in less time.

In this episode, we open up about how were are transforming our business model to support a 4-hour workday, and the share the 5 essential elements you need to consider if you want to do the same.

  • Our initial resistance to the idea of a reduced workday.
  • Transitioning our business to do less and have more.
  • 5 Elements to making a 4-hour workday a reality for you.
  • Reimagining...
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333. The 3 Steps to Attracting Anything you Want

If you have ever wondered what sort of magic you can create through Instagram, well then we are the living, breathing manifestation of what is possible!

Once upon a time, we were two total strangers who happen to share the same last name but are NOT related.

Back in the summer of 2016, Laura slipped into Betsy’s DMs and simply said "hi".

Over the next 6 months, we built a friendship and by January of 2017, we knew we wanted to do more.  So we started a podcast. It wasn’t a business “plan” per se and we didn’t monetize anything for that first year. But we dug in, showed up, and did the work.  

Our podcast became Luscious Hustle, but at the time we felt anything but Luscious.  Nonetheless, our choice of this word would soon prove to be pivotal to our success.

The process of becoming your best self and creating a lifestyle that truly fulfills your preferences, passions, and dreamsis completely achievable, and much simpler...

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332. Office Vibes: Is Your Energy Affecting Your Success?

“It’s just a vibe” has become a running joke in our business.

Everything we do gets put through the “Vibe Filter”:

  • The clothes we wear
  • The food we eat
  • The colors we have painted the rooms in our houses and offices.
  • Our bedding.
  • The places we go.


Anything that doesn’t spark joy is slowly getting released (i.e. thrown away or donated) and every single thing that comes into our homes and (home) offices is mindfully and energetically “curated”.

The outcome has been subtle but actually massive.

If your business is not doing as well as it could be, stop and think for a second: What type of energy are you TRANSMITTING?


Today on the podcast we explore the quality of your energy and the power you have to match your vibe to the frequency of success.

In the episode:

  • Why Betsy loves her “silly little kid pool”.
  • Choosing your environment to support your energy.
  • Generators identify the activities that are satisfying and...
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331. Expanding Your Influence with Sponsorships with Jessica Chinyelu

Jessica Chinyelu, the creator of the Sponsored and Secured, is an in-demand Sponsorship Consultant, Coach, Influencer Income Strategist, and Speaker. She teaches entrepreneurs and businesses how to craft win-win relationships through her proven methods that have transformed the way global influencers and organizations increase cash flow.


Her desire to teach people corporate sponsorship and activation strategies began with creating the annual sold-out, Woman of Purpose Conferences. She secured over six figures in sponsorship to host these events. This led to numerous influencers and event curators seeking her expert advice and knowledge on how they could do the same.

Jessica has been featured on BuzzFeed, DailyMail UK, Cosmopolitan, and ABC News, to name a few. 


In this episode you will hear:

  • How Jessica went from using student loan money to host her events to getting them 100% sponsored.
  • The types of small businesses for going after sponsors.
  • What potential...
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330. How To Actually Surrender Your Desires To The Universe

Spiritual surrender is when we give up our attachment to specific beliefs or desired outcomes. You let go of preconceived ideas or notions of how something should look or feel.

Okay sounds good but HOW do we do that?

What does it actually look like?

Saying you are surrendering and actually surrendering are two very different things. Declaring that you are surrendering doesn't make it so… it requires work.

Most literature says here that you put your trust in Source, the Divine, or the Universe… but what you are really being asked to do is trust your highest authority and your human design.


In this episode you will hear:

  • What is spiritual surrender actually means.
  • Mistakes being made with surrendering
  • Bargaining with the Universe and trying to force a specific outcome.
  • Art of Surrender and using your Human Design to support you.
  • An example of control: The lunar cycle vs. your menstrual cycle.
  • How Laura embodied surrendered and released an old trauma...
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