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128. Three Money Mindset Myths to Avoid

money mindset podcast Jun 11, 2019

What message did you hear about money as a child?

Many of us were taught a particular money mindset myth well before we actually had money to manage. Today we are laying out the three money mindset myths so that you can get to work on shifting your relationship with money. Remember, change can happen in an instant, and you get to decide what money means to you.



  • The flip side of a powerful childhood money story [ 4:48 ]
  • The biggest struggle we see when it comes to money [ 6:20 ]
  • Betsy’s past money mindset [ 8:16 ]
  • The 3 pervasive money mindset myths [ 9:57 ]
  • Other areas of life where your money mindset will creep into [ 12:45 ]
  • How to reframe your story around spending money [ 15:00 ]
  • A simple exercise to debunk your own money mindset myths [ 19:25 ]
  • What to remember about rich people [ 21:07 ]




What are your money mindset myths?

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105. 2019 Money Mindset: Breaking Down the BS to Realize Success

money mindset podcast Jan 01, 2019

Happy New Year, Luscious Hustlers! We’re kicking off 2019 by breaking down our bullshit excuses, otherwise known as limiting beliefs. Once we ditched our excuses, without judgment of our past selves, our business took off, and we want the same for you!

Today we are sharing how to shift your mindset and shed the stories that are holding you back from success. We don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but we do want you to take stock of 2018 by answering three key questions, so you can learn, grow, and hit the ground running in 2019.





  • Laura’s bullshit excuse about luck [ 4:46 ]
  • Betsy’s bullshit excuse about time [ 6:08 ]
  • Laura’s limiting belief about network marketing [ 8:16 ]
  • What enviable entrepreneurs do to set themselves apart [ 10:42 ]
  • Betsy’s limiting belief about “enough money” [ 13:27 ]
  • What will happen if you don’t solve your money...
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