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79. Influencer Impact: Turning Transformation Into A Personal Brand with Lucy Dunne

Jul 03, 2018

IN THIS EPISODE: Lucy Dunne is a personal trainer and the woman behind the brand Dunnebells.  When Lucy started her own journey to lose weight she had no idea it would blossom into a global brand and community.  Now a passionate leader in the health and wellness space, Lucy empowers women to live their best lives without diets, restrictions and all the other fluff we keep telling ourselves we should be doing.

Today Lucy is here sharing the impact of her own transformation and how it has fueled her to build a business and brand aligned with her soul’s true calling. 


    • Lucy’s transformation story: how losing 65 lbs and documenting her personal journey led her to start a business.
    • Lucy’s #1 piece of advice for health & wellness professionals just starting out.
    • How Lucy is using her voice to impact a growing global community while helping women reshape their lives (and bodies).
    • The lesson’s Lucy has learned...
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