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Luscious Bite 71: Wounded Healers - How To Heal While Building A Business

In today’s Luscious Bite we are diving into what it means to be a wounded healer, and why all entrepreneurs can relate. Healing is an action word and it means showing up every single day. We are dispelling the myths when it comes to healing yourself, finding your story and helping others as a lightworker in your business.



  • What is a Wounded Healer [ 1:20 ]
  • Our definition of an Entrepreneur [ 2:40 ]
  • The one myth that we really want to dispel about healing [ 5:45 ]
  • The most common objection we hear from new entrepreneurs and Wounded Healers about why they aren't sharing their stories [ 10:12 ]



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Luscious Bite 48: Star Strategy: How to Use the Stars In Your Business ☆

Do you ever find yourself reading your horoscope and thinking "eh, that's not me...This is silly" ???

Well, there's a reason for this. The truth is your Sun sign (the sign you are looking up) is just the beginning... a broad look at your personality based on a 30-day window in the stars. Add in the time and place of your birth and all of a sudden the picture of who you are becomes instantly clearer. 

Astrology, the study of the stars and planets and how they affect humans and events on Earth, is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries.   Part science and part magic, the stars can be a powerful guide in your business.  Not because your destiny is written in the stars... But more because it gives you insight into your innate superpowers and personality. 

In this episode, Betsy is taking a deeper look into Laura's astrology chart and what we are learning about our business as a result.  

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58: Legally Legit with Sam Vander Wielen

IN THIS EPISODE:  Sam Vander Wielen is a former Corporate Attorney turned Entrepreneur who empowers women through mentorship and DIY legal templates.  After a near-death experience opened her eyes to fact that she wasn’t living her best life, Sam embarked on an journey of self-discovery and re-invention. 

Today she is here, sharing her own personal journey as well as practical tips to help you get Legally Legit in your own business.


Topics Include:

  • How Sam transitioned from Corporate Attorney to Health Coach before finally finding her niche as a Business Coach and Mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The Importance of finding and claiming your niche in order to thrive.
  • How to find space for your unique voice in a competitive market.
  • The near-death experience that was a catalyst for Sam to find her true path.
  • What is hygge (pronounce Hue-guh)?
  • The most common legal issues Sam sees for budding entrepreneurs and steps you can take...
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