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72: Energy is Everything with Alpha Female Robyn Baldwin

IN THIS EPISODE: Robyn Baldwin is the host of the Alpha Female podcast, creator and blogger at, an Essential Oil Educator and Kobo best-selling author of the book Love Lost, Life Found.   

After being diagnosed with MS in 2014, Robyn embarked on health journey where she transitioned from being an MS Warrior battling an auto-immune disease to an MS Thriver and living well with the health sidekick. She is here today helping us break down what an Alpha Female is, the importance of finding harmony in your daily routines, and giving us insights into how she thrives as an alpha female in an ever-changing world.



    • The definition of an Alpha Female.
    • Robyn shares her own story of how she found harmony as an Alpha Female while adjusting to her new life with her “Health Sidekick”, Multiple Sclerosis.
    • The tools and mindset shifts that Robyn has embraced so that she can create thriving side hustles while still working a...
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69: In It For The Long Run with Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner

IN THIS EPISODE: Business partners and best friends, Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner are here today to talk about how they took their love for running and brunching and turned it into a stellar business and brand. While they may have started running for different reasons, their passion for running and brunching has never wavered.

In this episode, they are sharing how they turned their passion into a bold and growing community that is taking running (and brunching) to a whole new level. 


    • The inspiration and mission behind bRUNCh Running.
    • How a half-marathon in Las Vegas was the start of their entrepreneurial journey.
    • The importance of community: how building a brand around connection and community has shaped their business model and is influencing the future of their company.
    • The takeaways from running that Cortney and Alex also apply to their business (and lives).
    • Insights into the dynamics of their partnership and what the future holds for bRUNch...
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62: Finding Joy Through Intuition with Georgie Morley

IN THIS EPISODE:  Georgie Morley is the creative mind behind In It 4 The Long Run Blog as well as the Chasing Joy Podcast.  Her blog and podcast are geared towards badass babes who are on a mission to live a joyful life. 

Today’s conversation is filled with soulful insights and lots of laughs.  We are diving into mindset shifts to kick scarcity thoughts, how to usher in abundance, letting go of the comparison game, the valuable lessons we have all learned from podcasting and of course, how to find more ways to invite JOY into our lives.


Georgie Morley putting happiness back into healthy living.  She is a 20-something blogger and podcast host, on a quest to help other young women put happiness back into their healthy lifestyle. On her blog, she shares relatable and actionable tools for health, that never involve counting calories! 



Instagram: @init4thelongrunblog


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Luscious Bite 32: Cracking the Code on Self-Love and Limiting Beliefs

This week was Valentine's Day and for the first time ever, we didn't automatically agree on something.  So in today's episode we are opening up about self-love, the ghosts of relationships past and what we really think about Valentine's/Galantine's Day celebrations. 

Tune in for:

  • The Valentine versus Galantine Debate.
  • The importance of tribe for women.
  • Self-Love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Why being single (or celebrating alone) on Valentine’s can be a gift. 
  • Cracking the vault on our past relationships.
  • Busting through limiting beliefs to step into your Luscious life.


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58: Legally Legit with Sam Vander Wielen

IN THIS EPISODE:  Sam Vander Wielen is a former Corporate Attorney turned Entrepreneur who empowers women through mentorship and DIY legal templates.  After a near-death experience opened her eyes to fact that she wasn’t living her best life, Sam embarked on an journey of self-discovery and re-invention. 

Today she is here, sharing her own personal journey as well as practical tips to help you get Legally Legit in your own business.


Topics Include:

  • How Sam transitioned from Corporate Attorney to Health Coach before finally finding her niche as a Business Coach and Mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The Importance of finding and claiming your niche in order to thrive.
  • How to find space for your unique voice in a competitive market.
  • The near-death experience that was a catalyst for Sam to find her true path.
  • What is hygge (pronounce Hue-guh)?
  • The most common legal issues Sam sees for budding entrepreneurs and steps you can take...
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