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We are Laura Milne and Betsy Milne...

Two badass business chicks who share the same last name but are NOT related.

If you have ever wondered what sort of magic you can create through Instagram, well then we are the living, breathing manifestation of what is possible!

Back in the summer of 2016, Laura slipped into Betsy’s DMs and simply said "hi".

Over the next 6 months, we built a friendship thanks to our network marketing product partner and by January of 2017, we knew we wanted to do more.  So we started a podcast. It wasn’t a business “plan” per se and we didn’t monetize anything for that first year. But we dug in, showed up, and did the work.  

By the summer of 2017, we had people begging us to take what we knew about business and turn it into a program.


Since we incorporated and launched our first product in October 2017, we have:

 Helped thousands of women launch businesses and step into alignment with our Luscious Hustle podcast.

★ Watched our clients go from receiving  $0/month to securing $10k and $20k clients with ease.

 Produced over 300 episodes of the Luscious Hustle Podcast.

★ Generated over $400k in sales revenue

★ Secured $60k of sales in one day while speaking at a live event

★ Run two bougie and badass retreats in California.

★ Had our first $100k launch.


In the beginning it was NOT easy. 

We struggled to show up, be seen and create an influential brand and business.  While we both had business and sales experience in our past jobs, we still found the sales process to be a challenge and struggled to be seen and heard online.


It wasn't until we stepped fully into the bigger vision of our business and belief that receiving money is NOT sleezy or hard that things dramatically shifted in our business.  


✔ Betsy was able to travel almost every month last year and had the resources to fully take care of herself while navigating a health crisis. 

✔ Laura left an abusive relationship and was able to have space to heal and travel with her own little girl.

✔ We expanded our self-care routines, spent more time with our loved ones and friends, traveled together to Palm Springs, Banff, and San Deigo twice!

✔ Laura took her little girl to Disneyland for the first time

✔ And we created all this while living in two different countries, in two different time zones!

By letting go of the traditional masculine business strategies we had been taught and leaning into our Divine Feminine energy, we were able to generate multiple 6-figures in just 18 months -- all without paid ads, fancy funnels, or pushy/sleazy sales tactics.

Our Mission is simple...

To help you discover your purpose, build a business you love, and manifest the LUSCIOUS life of your dreams.

Success should not feel like a constant struggle.

We work with women like YOU... creative entrepreneurs, intuitive leaders, and soulful coaches... who are looking to optimize their business in alignment with their soul's calling. 

Women who know that they were made for more and want to reclaim their time while stepping fully into their purpose -- using a strategy that is completely tailored to their needs, lifestyle and inner-most desires while releasing overwhelm and burnout for good.

Women who are committed to making an impact and income in alignment with their highest-self so they can change not only their world, but change the lives of those they love.

Now's Your Time, Luscious Hustler!

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