Welcome to Luscious Alchemy

We know how important it is for you to see your great, big vision... your deepest desires... manifest into reality.  

The problem is, we live in a world where constant hustle and over-stimulation of the senses is the norm.  Tuning in to your Divine Feminine intuition while still creating harmony with your masculine go-getter energies can be a constant struggle!



ALCHEMY is an ancient, seemingly magical process of spiritual transformation or creation.  

Like the dual nature of LUSCIOUS HUSTLER, {Luscious being the Divine Feminine knowing and Hustler the masculine energy of action-taking}, the word Alchemy has its own duality rooted in the transformative relationship between human beings and magic of the stars. 

LUSCIOUS ALCHEMY™ is the work of actively connecting to the magic that already lies within ourselves; an expansion of consciousness and the development of insight and intuition.

LUSCIOUS ALCHEMY™ is a journey of personal transformation where we will tap into our connection to the Moon and the Universe, as well as our own innate super powers, so we can manifest our deepest desires and live our lives to the fullest.  


★ Hungry for more magic and want to plug in to the Universal messages awaiting you.

★ Excited to flex your manifesting muscles and own your deepest desires.

★ Ready to learn more about your connection to the moon and lunar cycles.

★ Desiring more ease and harmony in your work and life; you’re ready to turn off auto-pilot mode

★ Ready to release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

★ Craving a way to create sacred space and reflection time for YOU!

What's Inside Luscious Alchemy...

Luscious Alchemy™ is a Membership site designed to help you create a deeper connection to the Moon and the Universe. Each month we will give you the tools you need to tap into your own innate super powers, so you can manifest your deepest desires and live your life to the fullest.

Monthly Live Trainings

Join Betsy & Laura each month for a powerful 90-minute call where they will be teaching the tools you need to manifest your deepest desires.

Ask questions and get real time coaching on all of your burning personal development, astrology, crystals, moon and manifesting questions.

Exclusive Downloads

Designed to help you dive deeper into your Luscious Alchemy journey, these downloads will expand on the Monthly Live trainings.

Topics will include including manifesting, meditation, crystal reiki, holistic health rituals, and more.

Luscious Library

Get access to a growing Library of Moon + Manifesting Resources. 

Each month we will be adding new resources, including  downloadable graphics, and journaling exercises.

☆ Also, all live training will be recorded and uploaded into the Membership Library for easy access.


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