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Tuesday, February 25th at 5PM MST / 7pm EST

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Realign Your Energy to Money.

Money will always be attracted to where the greatest value is created. Your energy, your life force, guides your thoughts and your thoughts decide what relationship you have with money. You need to think and speak as if you are good friends with money.


 ✨Release Your Money Blocks so you can confidently ask for what you want.

Money wants you to stand tall in your beliefs, desires, and dreams.  Money wants you to have clients who are engaged and inspired by your work.  Money wants you to feel confident asking for sales.


✨Become the Highest Version of Your Wealthy Self

Your work is a great service to the world. Your joy and laughter enlightens others. Money sends opportunities your way to SHOW YOU that you are supported.  You are ready to embody the highest version of wealthy self.


✨Identify the Limiting Money Beliefs that are Blocking Your Wealth

 We've experienced them all: "I need to work on my sales page.",  "My 9-5 is crazy right now!",  "I don't want to annoy people with my posts…”, "My co-workers don't know this creative / passionate side me." 

Every single one of these fears (and many more) have swirled in our heads and *nearly* prevented us from building our dream business. Release past fear, guilt and shame around money.


Discover the Difference Between Your Wealth IQ and EQ 

Have you ever earned a raise only to watch the money slip through your fingers?  Does an increase in your bank account attract unexpected expenses that leave you cash strapped AGAIN?! It’s time to make empowering money decisions that allow you to enjoy life to the fullest, and stay on the positive side of money and your bank account.

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During this 1-hour LIVE training you will learn how to:  

✨Realign Your Energy to Money.

✨Release Your Money Challenges and Ask for what you want. 

✨Become the Highest Version of Your Wealthy Self

✨Identify the Limiting Money Beliefs that are Blocking Your Wealth

✨Discover the Difference Between Your Wealth IQ and EQ

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