Align your energy, Silence your inner critic, and make money in FLOW! 


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Hey Luscious Hustler...

Do you feel overwhelmed in the day to day tasks of your life and business? 

✔ Do you struggle with aligning the spiritual side and practical sides of your life with harmony?

Do you feel dizzy flip flopping between your ‘goal-oriented' masculine self and your intuition-based feminine knowing ? 

Do you crave finding a rhythm for your body’s unique cycle that supports your wellbeing and your business? 

Do you worry that constantly sharing, promoting and selling your offer will leave you feeling spiritually drained?

Are you ready to release your gifts to the world and have your work be fully received and celebrated????

✨ YES, this is me! ✨

IMAGINE IF... reprogrammed your mindset to receive money and take inspired action in your business without a moment's hesitation. achieved MORE SUCCESS by DOING LESS, boldly following your desires. were able to heal, make money, create an impact while THRIVING in your business.

"Moon Goddess has completely changed the direction of my business!! 

I’ve become more deliberate with my focus and energy and I’m finding that things are coming in with more ease...AND my income has increased 4x!!

Betsy and Laura provided a safe space with no pressure. They delivered a great balance between information and insight so it didn’t feel overwhelming.

The Moon Goddess program has given me the confidence to explore new directions in my business, and take action with calm, deliberate focus.  

- Elizabeth Archibong @elizabeth.archibong


Moon Goddess is where you will learn everything you need to know about recalibrating your energy, taking mindful, focused action, and achieving success... WITHOUT burning out!

"The Moon Goddess Course has changed the way I run my business and added so much insight into my personal life! 

I have manifested incredible collaborations and clients in during the course and I could not be happier! I am excited to use this information over and over and let the energy of the moon renew each cycle.

Laura and Betsy have so much knowledge, wisdom and also hold such sacred space for those of us taking the course.  Thank you ladies, I am forever changed and so excited to embrace this energy!"

- Renee Groenland,


In just 4 weeks, you will become the master of your own energy and learn how to work your business in sync with the lunar cycle to achieve what you desire with ease!

Week 1: Aligning Your Energy

Discover the 3 Key Elements to working with the Lunar cycle. 

Begin to track the ebbs and flows of your own energetic cycle and uncover how you are aligned with the Moon. 


Week 2: Harnessing the Lunar Cycle

Unlock the intricacies of all 8 Phases of the lunar cycle. 

Align your core values with the cycles of the Moon to help you step confidently into taking action and receiving with ease!

Week 3: Advanced Techniques

Ignite your Divine Feminine Energy: 

It's time start seeing instant results in how you show up and discover how to consciously co-create in every phase of the Moon. 

Week 4: Launching with the Moon

Our signature launch strategy that helped us to go from $5k to $100k launches with ease.

Learn how to design and launch a product in alignment with the lunar cycle.

✨ I'm Ready to Become a Moon Goddess!! ✨

"One specific result I've gotten is feeling much more ease in the process of launching.

I've learned to re-time my launches to work more with my energy levels.  It was surprising to learn to see the bigger picture- it isn't just this one launch or event...It is the long game, each launch, event, and program adds on to the previous. And that's ok.

Would I recommend them to a friend? Absolutely! 

- Colleen Baughn @colleenbcoaching


  • You are great at what you do, but find yourself getting energetically knocked out of your business and don't understand why.
  • You find it hard to maintain your energy with every day tasks... one day you are on fire and the next you can barely get a task crossed off your to do list. 
  • You struggle to stay in alignment with your big vision and wonder if it's still for you.  
  • You crave freedom and flexibility in your business so you can focus on the things you love -- like friends, family and your favorite activities.  
  • You are struggling to launch your products or services in a way that feels good.... You have a great idea but your launch plans always fizzle out or leave you exhausted by the time you need to show up for clients. 
✨I'm ready to make money with ease! ✨

"Moon Goddess and the amazing creators Laura + Betsy helped me get my POWER back!

It was mind blowing how accurate the connection was to how I was feeling and to each phase of the moon.

"Moon Goddess has put my healing journey into hyper-speed and has changed my life in a MASSIVE way!  I now feel so strong and capable to sink into my luscious/ feminine side and TRUST my gut.

- Danya Dekroon - Artist, @dayna.dekroon


  • How to use each Lunar Phase to ACCELERATE your business:  We are sharing our energetic roadmap so you know the best times to set intentions, release limiting beliefs, receive money and start programs to achieve maximum results.

  • The steps to take to Ignite your Divine Feminine Energy: It's time to align your inner power with your big vision and start seeing instant results in how you show up!

  • How to use the Moon to Identify and breakdown limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Our step by step Moon Goddess MethodTM Launch plan: This is our signature launch strategy that helped us to go from $5k to $100k launches with ease. Learn how to design and launch a product in alignment with the lunar cycle.

✨ I'm IN! ✨

"This course has given me so much trust in myself to listen to my body, feelings, and emotions as they are leading me to exactly where I am meant to be. 

I feel so so so thankful to have gravitated to you ladies via Instagram, this program found me, which was complete fate. 

The value [Betsy and Laura] share is truly inspiring. You have provided tools that I will use for the rest of my life."    

- Jaimi Leighann  @unicornqueenjaimi



Your own Lunar Calendar with everything you need to set yourself up for a powerful and successful 2020!

(Value $50 USD)

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"Betsy & Laura are so much fun and have boundless energy in their Moon Goddess Videos and live chats!

You both have me laughing out loud and thinking hard on so many subjects.

Your WooWoo, spiritual and business talks have so much valuable information and I'm SO GRATEFUL to be on the receiving end."

- Sonya Shinn Edwards,

Moon Goddess will teach you how to harness the Lunar cycle so you can recalibrate your energy to lead, launch, and generate income with ease!

✨ I'm ready to align with the Moon! ✨

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