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Are you ready to tap into your own Cosmic Blueprint? Learn how to align your big vision dreams with the energetics of the Lunar Cycle so that you can Launch, Sell & Manifest with ease and flow.

The Moon Goddess within you, with each of us, desires to follow the spiritual laws of money and abundance. She has the capacity for unlimited thinking, and is ready for the flood gates to burst open with one golden gift after another. 
Guided by the phases of the moon, we created Moon Goddess Magic, a 60-day high-touch coaching experience that will have you tapping into your natural creative flow, and intuitively charting your life course personally and professionally to create sustainable success and abundance.


  • You are great at what you do, but feel lost/overwhelmed when it comes to deciding where to put your energy for greatest profitability.
  • You crave freedom and flexibility in your business so you can focus on the things your love like friends, family and your favorite activities?  
  • You want to confidently manifest in ALL areas of your life, so you can experience more abundance, freedom, love you desire.
  • You have BIG VISION DREAM$ for creating abundance in your life and business but are short on time.  You’re ready to make the magic happen NOW!



  • Learn how to optimize the Moon Cycle to help accelerate your business.
  • Identify the best times to take action on specific tasks; from planning to building to launching in your business and receiving money. 
  • Understand the energetics of each Moon Phase and how you can maximize your creativity by aligning your actions with the Lunar cycle.
  • Experience how manifesting by the Moon works and the secrets to making your manifestations come to life NOW.  



  • Weekly Trainings for each lunar phase.
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • Private FB group to ask questions and get support form Betsy & Laura

SPECIAL BONUS: You will receive a personalized Moon chart based on when you were born!  



  • An intimate knowledge of the lunar cycle: what each phase means for you energetically, personally and professionally.
  • Have a freedom-based business plan that fits the life you want to live, giving you the time to do what you want, with who you want, where you want, when you want.
  • Confidence and clarity to launch and sell your products or service with ease and authenticity.
  • Our ULTIMATE MOON MANIFESTING SHORTCUTS to finally creating the Luscious life you desire and the money you need to feel fully financially supported.


Harness the magic of the moon to manifest and magnetize in flow with the lunar cycle creating a freedom-based business plan that fits the life you want to live. 

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