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About Us

Hey Beautiful,

Welcome to YOUR Luscious Hustle!  

Do you have a big, bold but intimidating dream for your life?  

Do you find yourself imagining the day when you will take your passion / hobby and turn it into a wildly successful blockbuster business?  

Would you love to ditch the less than fulfilling day job and spend your days getting paid to do what you really love?


A side hustle isn’t only a way to make extra cash...though we do love manifesting money... 

Your side hustle is part of your soul, it’s who you are and it’s what lights you up from within.


Are you ready to stop saying “One Day…” “When I have the time...”, “When I have the money…” and instead say YES to YOU?!  

Girl, we know you are!

It’s time to step out of the safe but stuck zone and walk out the LUSCIOUS life your are meant to lead!


We are Betsy Milne & Laura Milne, soulful entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and creators behind this growing tribe and coaching brand, Luscious Hustle!

So you’re probably thinking we’re sisters, right?!

In fact, we’re total strangers!  ...who just happen to have the same last name.

Yep. Just 2 insanely passionate, soulful entrepreneurs who connected through an Instagram DM in 2016 and became fast friends.  


We know that the Universe brought us together…the Universe, after all works in wondrous ways and knew the path to our respective destinies better than we could have ever imagined!


We were brought together because we’re meant to be friends and business partners, and because we share a common purpose:


To create a community, a TRIBE, for women to feel luscious, light - hearted and empowered in their lives.


AND to exercise our SUPER POWERS:  

We show women how to discover their true calling, take aligned action to create a business you love & manifest the luscious life of your dreams.  

 If you’re a dreamer, a creative, a soulful entrepreneur or aspiring side hustler ready to embrace your feminine intuitive knowing, discover your innate manifesting powers, and add ‘woo woo’ spirituality to your business hustle….


You’ve come to the right place. 

We are the tribe you’ve been waiting for.


Luscious Hustle is something we created through our own personal struggles.

We’ve each experienced the frustration of monotonous work life, finances in turmoil and crippling physical burn out.   

While we both came from very different backgrounds, Laura is a Pediatric nurse and got her entrepreneurial start in NWM, while Betsy's business career began in the corporate VP route before becoming a coach.

Our struggles to turn our passion into profit were the same starting out.


How do we build a business without getting lost in a sea of coaches, tech and sales tactics that didn't resonate with us?


How do we build a brand that represents who we are, creating profit AND impacting in the world?


How do we inject our soul and spirit into our hustle?  


Part of our journey was learning from our mistakes and spending thousands on programs and coaches that left us confused and burned out.


But, that doesn't need to be your story...

It was through intense story sharing, embracing our divine feminine downloads, and the evolution of our friendship + business that we re-discovered our innate super powers to manifest absolutely anything.


To hustle in ALIGNMENT with our intuition and Call in our customers with clarity and confidence.

 To take a seed of an idea, start a soulful side hustle to nurture it into a full fledged - full time lucrative business and luscious life!  


 We show women like you how to:

  • Release the stories that are holding you back  - to get UNSTUCK!
  • Tap into your feminine intuitive knowing - to feel Luscious and Light-hearted!
  • Show you how to have FUN creating a business that aligns with your passion.
  • Discover the freedom to choose a life of your dreams.

We work with women who know they were always meant for more.

Women who are ready to say YES to themselves and call in all the abundance you can handle! 

Are you ready say YES to your luscious hustle?


Betsy & Laura


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