The Playground

Starts April 12

It's time to unlock the full potential of the power that lies within you. 


Each of us has a unique energetic blueprint.  When used correctly, your energy becomes a magnet for everything you have ever wanted. 

It is not meant to be kept a secret.  It is also not meant to be hard. 

Which is why we are so excited to introduce The Playground - A 6-month, immersive coaching experience that will help you bridge the gap from stuck and struggling to meaningful cash flow.  


We have sat where you are sitting right now....


At the beginning of our business, we hustled hard. We worked long hours and forfeited sleep... sacrificing time with our friends & families.

Time and time again, we gave and invested MORE than we had to give so that we could keep the momentum in our business going.

Last year that all changed.

After a year of constant obstacles- Coronavirus, stay-at-home orders, home-schooling, losing loved ones, and navigating a divorce in a locked-down court system- we hit a wall.

Our business was no longer fun.

We lost the sense of excitement and play that had been one of the main reasons we got into business together. 

We came back to the one thing that we knew was true... everything you need to succeed already lies within you.

The key is learning how to read and understand your own unique energetic blueprint (ie. your Human Design).

Suddenly, but not surprisingly, we found ourselves thriving again.

It wasn't because we changed or implemented a new "business strategy".  Instead we focused on our Human Deisign blueprint and watched as quantum leaps began to happen.

Now it's your turn... are you ready to start playing in your life and business again?

What's Included: 

  • 3 Weekly Zoom Calls per Month. Calls will happen every Wednesday at 3pm EST/1pm MST.
  • An Integration Week at the end of each month including Live Q&A with Betsy & Laura in FB group. This is an opportunity for you to put into action everything you are learning while still receiving support and getting your questions answered!
  • Recordings of all meetings uploaded to the Private Members Portal. No need to worry about missing a thing!

Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus One:

Moon Goddess Foundations.

Learn to align your energy, silence your inner critic and make money in alignment with the Lunar Cycle.

($444 Value)

Bonus Two:

45-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call. 

Go deeper into your Human Design chart and personal strategy (to be redeemed any time after Month 2).

($600 value)

*When you sign up by April 1.

"Knowing and understanding my design and strategy, not only in biz but in life, is so important for me.  It's helped me to accept why I do the things that I do and how I have been operating in resistance in so many ways.

I have spent the last few years trying to grow and evolve my business in a way that is 100% unnatural for me."

-Lesley Sheppard

Month 1: Unlocking your Unique Energetic Blueprint

  • Introduction to Human Design.
  • Understanding your Energy type, Authority (How you make decisions).
  • Profile (How you show up and are seen in the world).
  • Strategy (How are you designed to work based on your energy type).
  • Life purpose: Intro to your Incarnation Cross. 


Month 2: Designing a Business based on your design

  • Niching Based on your Human Design.
  • Harnessing Will Power: Understanding your deeper motivations and how to use them properly.
  • Social media and Brand strategy that is supported by your design.

  • Craft your ideal work environment, setting you up to thrive consistently. 


Month 3: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind

  • Learn how are you *actually* designed to think, solve problems, and come to decisions. 
  • Discover your super sense (cognition variable).
  • Manifesting strategy based on your design.


Month 4: Selling (the Soulful way)

  • Selling based on your authority.
  • Understanding the profit centers of your chart and how to tap into them.
  • Learn our ALIGN sales formula to amplify your sales call results. 


Month 5: The Empowered Boss- Deconditioning the Old Patterns that are Holding You Back

  • Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs.
  • Understanding and navigating the pressure patterns in your life. 
  • How to fuel your mind and body for optimal energy and results.


Month 6: Quantum Leaping- Stepping into the Future

  • Master your Money Mindset: The path to 6-figure success.
  • Money IQ vs. Money EQ: Unlocking the secret to cash flow in your business.
  • Reverse engineer what needs to happen for you to go full-time in your business.


Two Payment Options Available


One-time payment of $2997


6 monthly payments of $555

By the end of the program, you will have:

  • A deep understanding of your own unique Human Design and how to work with your inner authority for optimal success.

  • A clear brand strategy that will turn followers into loyal customers.

  • Deep self-knowledge of your strengths as a leader and business owner.

  • Unshakable confidence in how to sell based on your unique Human Design.

  • A conscious and intentional plan that will allow you to go full time in your business, (Reverse engineer a $100K business plan.)

Have a Question:

Hop on a quick 15-minute call to receive all the details about The Playground, ask questions, and determine this high-touch coaching experience is right for you. 

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