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You're a visionary and a leader who's ready to play bigger and expand your wealth with effortless growth and momentum!


You are a change-maker who desires to create an impact for others and see REAL results in your business. 

You want influential leadership that creates buzz around your brand and has customers seeking you out!   

You are open & ready to release ALL negative emotions, limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

 You want to feel ridiculously confident in playing with your creativity and gifts, and trusting in your power to receive MORE!

★ You are tired of gimmicky strategies that are eating up your time, energy, and money.

 You’re ready to move fast, shake things up and flow with the momentum of effortless overflow. 

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"Within the first 15 minutes of our first call, I was more lit up about my business than I had been in months.

Betsy and Laura have this way about them that makes you feel so important, so heard, and so understood. As silly as it may sound, working with them had honestly changed the game for me. Not only is my business thriving, (ie: waitlisting clients!) but my own personal confidence has grown astronomically. Best decision for myself and my business I’ve ever made!"

-Samantha Oliver

What our clients are saying...


"Betsy and Laura have completely surpassed my expectations as coaches.

I have had coaches and masterminds in the past, but nothing has given me the transformation like Lucious Hustle has.

Their soulful approach is beyond any other program I have ever seen because they have lived through the transformation themselves.

I have grown so much on a personal level and by expanding myself it has inevitably spread into my business.

Thanks to Laura and Betsy I can show up in the world with clarity and confidence to serve in a bigger way than I could have ever imagined."

- Brittany Desadier, IG @imramajourney

"Working with Laura and Betsy has changed the game for my life and my business in so many ways.

As an entrepreneur freelancing full-time, they provide me with guidance support that I didn't even realize I was missing in the first year of establishing my business.

They've learned a lot about me in a short time, and both provide equal parts strategy and intuitive insights, which has been a perfect fit for me.

I'm the one who's done the work, but I truly believe working with them has sped up the results I've seen."

-Meg Stypa, IG: @themindfulmeg

Ready to make this your reality? 

Private Coaching is your high-touch, personalized path to achieve effortless growth and magnetism in your divine feminine power.

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Let's Grow Together


Our intimate 1:1 coaching experience will be customized to fit your needs combining high-level online business strategies to map out clear, actionable steps for your business, along with high-touch personalized mindset and manifestation work to release the root cause of what's holding you back from achieving your goals.


Luscious Hustle 1:1 Coaching is the perfect fit if you are…


✔ Coachable & ready to take massive action and radical responsibility for your life, your business, & ALL of your results.

✔ Open to release ALL negative emotions, limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

✔ Desire to invest in yourself & create a massive impact in the world and massive income that will change your life.



If you want a freedom-based business model that fits the life you want to live AND allows you to attract more clients & grow in alignment...

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“I grew exponentially as a business owner during the 4 months I worked with Betsy and Laura! 

They helped me stay accountable, identify my target customer, and get comfortable with charging more for my products. 

I pushed all of the limits that I had set on myself before working with them.  I have set ambitious goals for myself that I never would have dreamed of setting had I not hired them. 

I now feel SO clear on my vision, audience and feel confident in knowing what the next steps will be in my business.

They have a great dynamic and work so well together as a team!  Love Betsy and Laura!” 

- Ang Hillaby, IG: @anghilldesigns

"While working with Betsy and Laura, I had a lifelong dream come true!

Every session had deep breakthroughs for me, they really know how to get at the heart of the problem. Their love and support through the rollercoaster of it all coming together was such a strong tether it felt like I could tackle anything.

The fact that they are accessible anytime between private calls is truly incredible and speaks to how much they care for their clients. 

I learned so much about myself, that after 6 months I am not even close to the same person anymore and won't be looking back!

Thank you ladies, looking forward to working with you in the future!" 

- Sarah Mitchell
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