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Meet some of our incredible LUSCIOUS HUSTLERS!

"I’ve known that I wanted to work with Betsy and Laura for a WHILE. (Like back to the OG podcast days.) When the signs kept popping up in my life, I didn’t ignore them. I decided to work one on one (two?!) with the Luscious Hustle babes, and I’m so glad I did.

Within the first 15 minutes of our first call, I was more lit up about my business than I had been in months.

Betsy and Laura have this way about them that makes you feel so important, so heard, and so understood. As silly as it may sound, working with them had honestly changed the game for me. Not only is my business thriving, (ie: turning clients away) but my own personal confidence has grown astronomically. Best decision for myself and my business I’ve ever made!"

- Samantha Oliver, IG: @samantharaeoliver

"In my past year of being in the Luscious Mastermind, I went from building my brand as a hobby to creating a business around my passion for helping others live a life that lights them up.

I’ve seen growth like: 

• Going from $0 income months to four figure months • Growing my Instagram brand from 2k to 12k followers • Building my email list • Launching a podcast after wanting to for over a year • Learning how to authentically sell in a way that feels really good

The impact on my mindset and what I can achieve has been the biggest driver of these outcomes. I am grateful to Laura and Betsy for their coaching on not only my business, but my mindset."

-Jess Penesso, IG @jesspenesso


"I have been working with Laura and Betsy since October 2018, and since then, I have come leaps and bounds from the person who I was just a short nine months ago. I have made massive shifts in my money mindset and in my spiritual growth.

I no longer associate money with greediness; instead, I recognize money as energy and I am ready to receive more of it in my business. I also have way more gratitude for the things that I already have in this life which has made more room for me to receive in my business and my personal life.

Before I met Laura and Betsy, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not moving forward. But with their help, I now have been able to connect to my divine energy and rise up into the person I was made to be."

- Jessica Painter, IG:

"Working with Laura and Betsy has changed the game for my life and my business in so many ways.

As an entrepreneur freelancing full-time, they provide me with guidance support that I didn't even realize I was missing in the first year of establishing my business. They've learned a lot about me in a short time, and both provide equal parts strategy and intuitive insights, which has been a perfect fit for me.

I'm the one who's done the work, but I truly believe working with them has sped up the results I've seen."

-Meg Stypa, IG: @themindfulmeg

"So much light and love to you ladies!  Seriously, you’ve helped me so much through some dark places. I’m peeling back some layers I never thought I’d see again. I can feel so deeply in my bones that I’m going to blast off into space.

Before I was intimidated, I was scared, uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like I was good enough, I didn’t feel worthy...and this is the first time I’m like “f*ck yeah, I'm so excited to do the work and then see all the magic that's going unfold.” 

Every single step has brought me here and I'm ready to do it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Melanie Barrett, IG


"I have always tried to push, push, push and my perfectionism tendencies made it hard to truly get my offerings out to the world the way that I had envisioned. Turns out, I was trying to push things that didn’t align with my inner desires.

The Moon Goddess Course has changed the way I run my business and added to much insight into my personal life.  I have manifested incredible collaborations and clients in the 8 weeks of the course, and I could not be happier!


Thank you ladies, I am forever changed and so excited to embrace this energy!"

- Renee Groenland, IG: @strellewellness

Partner Spotlight: Brittany & Lauren from IMRAMA Journey

"When we started IMRAMA and Realign Academy we had an idea and a passion to serve. 

With the guidance of Betsy and Laura, we’ve been able to create a solid foundation for our business, learned to attract the correct audience and have taken our business beyond what we could have ever done alone". 

-Shop now at

"Not only has Luscious Mastermind helped create a solid foundation for our business but the personal growth has been completely transformational.

The soulful understanding of myself that has happened through this process is unexplainable.

I have been able to break out of my shell, identify and move through limiting beliefs and block and truly transform into my true authentic self – which in turn has helped me serve others in a way of compassion, understanding and determination."

-Lauren Lucero, IG: @aligned.grind

"Betsy and Laura have completely surpassed my expectations as coaches. I have had coaches and masterminds in the past, but nothing has given me the transformation like Lucious Hustle has.

Their soulful approach is beyond any other program I have ever seen. The woo woo and business strategy is on point because they have lived through the transformation themselves. I have grown so much on a personal level and by expanding myself it has inevitably spread into my business.

Working with them has given me the clarity, confidence that I needed to bust through my old patterns that I was ready to change. Thanks to Laura and Betsy I can show up in the world and serve in a bigger way than I could have ever imagined."

- Brittany Desadier, IG @aligned.grind



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